About me

As an experienced senior software engineer, I possess a robust skill set cultivated over 12 years, characterized by proficiency across backend, frontend, and DevOps domains. My leadership understanding is demonstrated through successfully guiding agile teams of up to 8 developers, ensuring project delivery within allocated timeframes and budgets.

While my current technical focus centres on Python, my extensive project history encompasses Java, NodeJS, PHP, C#, and Go. In frontend development, I excel in Vue, Angular, and React frameworks. Additionally, I am adept at crafting efficient CI/CD pipelines utilizing tools such as Gitlab CI, Docker, Ansible, and Terraform.

Complete CV is available on LinkedIn.


EPAM Anywhere since 2022 Lead Software Engineer
Kazan Federal University since 2020 taught web development and DevOps practices in Smart Education Lab of Institute of information technologies and intellectual systems
Releven 2022 developed backend and frontend for english learning platform with Twilio Video and Chatwoot support platform integrations
Fixtender 2021-2022 developed backend & frontend of construction procurement and tender platform
Stride 2016-2020 developed projects on Django + Vue, managed teams up to 8 developers, supported internal services (Gitlab, Sentry, Wiki) & server infrastucture
RVMarket 2014-2016 developed backend for 3D visualization software with administration panel
Need4Speak 2015-2016 developed CRM system & website for foreign languages school
SmartHead 2014 supported existing project's admin panel during the internship program


UniEnv since 2020 is a hosting platform for student developed web applications. First version was based on Gitlab CI and Dokku, Heroku like platform for building and deploying applications. Latest version is running on Yandex Cloud and automated domains management with Terraform. Web applications created with Django & Vue with Docker, Ansible & Gitlab CI deployment. Project also includes articles about deployment and related practices.
ClienD 2013 - 2022 is a digital diary mobile application with improved UX experince. Daily active users was up to 60 000. A latest version was created with Java crossplatform library development and its integration to Android and iOS applications. Numerous of web services were implemented with Python, PHP, MySQL and Gitlab CI.